To utilize my skills, vast knowledge and worldwide experience in the culinary industry as a productive and innovative chef and baker. Throughout my career, I have also been putting my knowledge into consulting bakeries all over the globe, applying my experience to their benefit and making them into profitable and successful businesses. My versatile culinary publications demonstrate my long time engagement in the gastronomic world.

Work Experience

Eidan Bistro(1987-1993), Israel – French bistro

Line Cook hot kitchen.
Specializing in French Cuisine. 250 to 350 covers a day.

Bix Tavern (1993-1997) Restaurants Ltd, Israel – specializing in sea food

Establishing and running the restaurant’s kitchen. 350 up to 450 covers a day. Specializing in Sea Food and Fish dishes.
In charge of 25 employees: chefs, cooks, pastry chefs and kitchen porters.

De Luca (1999-2003) Artisan Bakery Tel Aviv Israel
Head Baker
Running the bakery operation that produced all from scratch.
In charge of 9 employees.
About 400 to 1500 breads and 250 to 400 pastry units per day.

ZLA Ltd (2003-present)

Owner, CTO (Chief Training Officer) & SAC (Senior Artisan Consultant)
In the above capacity, I provided on-site consulting solutions worldwide.
• Setting a business concept from scratch.
• Equipment Adaptation to the budget (new & used).
• How to choose the best sores ingredients for your business (United States & Europe).
• Business Efficiency.
• Production Scheduling and work plan manual.
• In-house Training to maximize output and productivity.
• New Product Development/Addition to Production.
• Adopting artisan recipes to industrial production.
The company provides on-site consulting for the following products:
• Sour dough production& frozen baked products.
• Jewish bakery & pastry production.
• Pizza & Focaccia production.
• Formulation Improvement.
Artisan bakeries:
• The Bread Factory London;
Product development for Gails and flour station
• Crusto artisan bakery, Barcelona Spain
Product development, Staff training
• The Flour Pot Bakery, LLC Florida USA
Setting up a central bakery from scratch
• Correas , Moscow;
Setting up a central bakery from scratch
• Pekara Bakery, Champaign Illinois USA;‎
Product development, Staff training

Large bakeries:
• General Mills/Pillsbury, Israel ;
Product development, adopting artisan products to automatic line,
• Supersol (Gidron) the leading supermarkets in Israel ;
Product development
• Bonjour Bakeries, the leading baking company, Israel ;
Product development, adopting artisan products to automatic line
• Isrotel Hotels chain, Israel ;
Setting up a central bakery for 5 star hotels from scratch
• Amit pastry ltd, Israel ;
Product development


Diplome de pain de tradition et de qualite,
Trained by Chef Jean-Louis Clement, the French internationally known baker who holds the title “Meilleur ouvrier de France”, given by vase de Sevre which authenticates his originality, skills and mastery over the art of making bread.

LE CORDON BLEU – Academie Culinaire de Paris, PARIS
Grand Diplome de cuisine et de patisserie (1998)
Le Grand Diplôme is the most comprehensive program in French culinary education offered by le Cordon Bleu. The course combines instruction in both cuisine and pastry.
Le Grand Diplom combines two different courses: Cuisine and Pastry. Each course is made up of 3 different levels: Basic, Intermidiate and Superior.

Additional Skills and Experience

Freelance caterer – I have delivered countless number of successful private catering events through the years and specialized in planning and customizing every detail to accomodate exactly what my clients want. From the detailed layout of the venue to creating the menus and dishes of their dreams. My on site cooking services include diverse menus that are designed seasonally with inspiration drawn from many different cultures and cuisines around the world. I care about the source of the food and work to promote sustainable agriculture by using fresh local produce and meats.


Hebrew (mother tongue)
English (fluent)
Russian, Italian (proficient)


Upon request


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