My Italian mama

by avnerlaskin

Every person how loves food will be happy to have an Italian mama, I have one here name is Roberta she lives in Milan all her life and she is 82 years old!!!
For the last 15 years she is teaching my all about Italy and she knows a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roberta is a friend of my wife parents for more than 50 years.
From the first moment that we meet it was clearly that she is my mama!
Most of what I know about Italian food I learned from here and every time we meet 50 % of the time we talk about food and wine Roberta has so much information that I can spent a whole life next to here and I still will have more to learn.
Last time that we meet I photograph her wail she was preparing a risotto with porcini and safran .
If you just look on the pictures you can feel how good that risotto was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!