Homemade Olives

by avnerlaskin

For more than 6500 years men is growing olives to produces olive oil and pickled olive in a large verity of ways.
For me olives are the strongest symbol of the Mediterranean as a person how lived all his life in Israel olives for me is the base of all.
I have an olive tree in my yard the tree is about 40 years old and it is considered yang for an olive tree.
Every two years the tree gives olive and this year the olives were very nice and I said to myself that this year I mast pickle my olives.
For that project I had assistant from my children that collect the olives from the tree.
And after that I want with them to my Arab friends to learn how to do it right.

The 1 step

The 2 step

The 3 step

The 4 step