Pizza a palla

by avnerlaskin

6 months ago I was in Italy.
The visit was to work with Italian flour and matching them to the Israeli test.
At this visit 2 days was dedicated only for pizza, as a person how is going a lot to Italy I thought I know all about pizza I can’t tell you how I felt when I realized that I need to learn so mach !!!
In Italy there are so many tips of pizza and every region has is on version of pizza.
In Rome they eat pizza teglia it’s a pizza that is baked in trays.
In Napoli they eat the classic round pizza that is not to crispy.
In the north they eat to tips of pizza one is a round pizza that is very crispy and pizza a palla a long and oval pizza like the shape of the peel that is very crispy.
To mace pizza palla you need-
1000 g pizza flour
600 g cold water
3 g fresh yeast
20 g olive oil
27 g salt
How to do-
Nix all the ingredients at low speed for 3 min put the salt and mix at medium speed for 7 min.
Divide the dough to 8 and shape them in to round balls cover in plastic and let them set in the fridge for 24 h.
After 24 h look at the photos how to do it!!!!