The best Brioche

by avnerlaskin

For me one of the best ways to start the morning is with a fresh brioche that just comes out of the oven.

When I am visiting a new bakery I always try the brioche to know if they keep a height standard. Brioche it’s one of the products that is very hard to get him right,
The Brioche is around for about 600 years and is believed to have sprung from a traditional Norman recipe. It is argued that brioche is probably of a Roman origin, since a very similar sort of sweet holiday bread is made in Romania. The cooking method and tradition of using it during big holidays resembles the culture surrounding the brioche so much that it is difficult to doubt same origin of both foods.
Despite its origin in France the brioche is considered a premium product It is made in the same basic way as bread, but has the richer aspect of a pastry because of the extra addition of eggs, butter, milk, and sugar.
The secrets to a good Brioche are: to use the best ingredients and a good recipe.
I have one recipe that I use most of the time and in my opinion the best Brioche that I aver eat.

1kg White flour
180g sugar
400g soft batter
400g milk
2 large eggs
100g fresh yeast
10g orange zests
20g port wine
10g salt
1 egg beaten for brushing.

Make the dough by mixing all the dry ingredients then adding the batter, water, milk and kneed the mixture into sticky dough.
Add the salt and mix for 7-9 min on high speed, you will get grassy shiny dough sprinkle flour and pot the dough covered in the fridge at 4c for minimum of 8 h.
Pot the cold dough on a floured table and cat into 10 pieces.
Form every piece dough mace a round ball.
The ready balls pot on a baking try and let them prove for 90min in a worm place.
After 90 min brash them with the beaten egg and pot in a hot oven at 180c /375f
For 25 min.
After the oven let theme cool for about 15 min before you serve theme.