The best fresh pasta

by avnerlaskin

At this time of the year when we entering the heart of winter, there is nothing more than a delicious and fun to make fresh quality pasta like the kitchens of Italy. Preparation of pasta at my house it’s a team work when my children are major beneficiaries of it, the very preoccupation with dough machine pasta takes much of the process. So all you need domestic machine, pasta flour, eggs, olive oil and some spare time I’d recommend you prepare pasta over weekend when the house goes on smoothly and there is enough time for everyone.

The first step is the preparation of pasta dough recipe is:

500 g of pasta flour
5 large eggs
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons salt

Place the ingredients in a food processor and mix together until mixture becomes sticky dough ball rolling him into the food processor.
Stop the food processor and take out dough, roll into a ball that wrapped with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator a one hour.
After the dough rested Remove the plastic wrap and on work surface using a sharp knife cut into slices 1/2 inch thick and Place the slices on the work surface and sprinkle with flour on the top, while they are resting install the pasta machine in a way it will be comfortable to work with it.
Take a piece of dough and begin passing it in the pasta machine at the widest option, change the wideness of the machine and do the process again and again until the you have retched the finest point of the machine and you have a long and thin strip of dough .
At this point you can cat the dough to 4 pieces and prepare lasagna with it, or you can prepare ravioli with your favorite filling, my children love to cut the strip of dough to two pas it in the attar part of the machine to prepare homemade Fettuccine.
Working with the machine it’s an essay job and kids love it.
After the homemade Fettuccine is ready all you need is a big pot with boiling salty water put in the Fettuccine for 4-5 min and serve it with a god tomato sauce and lot’s of Parmesan cheese and serves to the one you love.