Russian local market

by avnerlaskin

I am still working in Moscow on a new artisan bakery and I wanted to sheer with you all how a typical Russian local market looks like.
For a person like myself that travel’s a lot, Russia was a big mystery in trams of gastronomy; I didn’t know what kind of ingredients I will find here.
As you all know Russia is a very big country that has a lot of different claimant zones with different people, cultures, recipes and ingredients that’s the filling you get when you are walking in local market in Moscow, it’s a blend of Europe, Asia and sum Turkish influent, the verity of ingredients is impressive a lot of fish, meet, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, dray fruit’s, nut’s and a lot of alcohol drink!!!!
Russian people are eating mostly at home and they are cooking according to the season’s witch I find as a very right thing to do.
In the Russian culture in every event it’s a time to buy fancy food and open a big table for the gests, I had a filling that the Russian are living from one event to enter, they love to host and doing it with an open hart.
At the moment they are all getting ready for New Year which is the most important holiday in Russia.