The franch croissant

by avnerlaskin

The franch croissant –
croissant was created culinary legends, at least one going back to the 19th century. These include tales that it was invented in Europe to celebrate the defeat of a Muslim invasion at the decisive Battle of Tours by the Franks in 732, with the shape representing the Islamic crescent; that it was invented in Poland in 1683 to celebrate the defeat of the Turkish siege of the city, as a reference to the crescents on the Turkish flags, when bakers staying up all night heard the tunneling operation and gave the alarm; tales linking croissants with the kifli and the siege of Buda in 1686; and those detailing Marie Antoinette’s hankering after a Polish specialty.
Several points argue against the connection to the Turkish invasion or to Marie-Antoinette: saving the city from the Turks would have been a major event, yet the incident seems to be only referenced by food writers (writing well after the event), and Marie-Antoinette – a closely watched monarch, with a great influence on fashion – could hardly have introduced a unique foodstuff without writers of the period having commented on itThose who claim a connection never quote any such contemporary source; nor does an aristocratic writer, writing in 1799, mention the pastry in a long and extensive list of breakfast foods. IMG_1520
To preppier a good croissant you need to have a very good flour and a very good aromatic batter ,there are Meany ways and methods to preppier the sheep and layer’s the basic rolls is to work with a cold dough and let it rest bit win every time you fold it.IMG_2314