by avnerlaskin

Few months ago I had some work to do in Barcelona; I would like to share with you my experience there.

During my stay, I was very busy, but it happened that I had a Saturday off, and I decided to visit the city. As food is one of the most central things in my life, I decided to see how a typical Catalonian market looks like. I found myself visiting four different markets in different sites of the city with different characteristics addressing to different kind of customers.
I was impressed by the abundance and quality of the products exposed. It is a paradise for people who like food. The merchants are very nice and kind. It was impressing to see the expert clients doing their shopping choosing the best products.

The most impressive part of my visit there was the fish and seafood market. Barcelona is on the Mediterranean seashore having centenary years fishing tradition.
You can find a very rich choice of fish and seafood, beside the Mediterranean fish; they have a supply of Atlantic Ocean fresh fish and seafood so the market is colorful and nice for people who like fish and seafood. The market is so impressive that you have difficulties to decide what to buy.
In the fruit and vegetable market, there is a big possibility of choice. I liked most the external market dedicated to farmers who come to sell directly their products. They run small lots of agricultural biological production; the products are not equal in their form and shape. They look very fresh and remind me my childhood when the products were very tasty and grew without all the chemical fertilization agents they use today in agriculture.
Returning back to my hotel I felt that I couldn’t see or deal with food for few days. The abundance and quality made me feel saturated for 4 days.
At the end of the day I was exhausted but I was happy with that experience.