The best bakery in the world!!!!!

by avnerlaskin


In 1998 I moved to Paris to study cooking and baking there.
In the firs week of school we went with the chef to the market next to metro duplex.
Next to this market we went to visit Poilâne bakery the visit there changed my life!
all that time in Paris I was looking for the best spot to learn how to produce this outstanding bread!
In the end of 1999 I moved to Tel Aviv Israel and open a bakery by the name of de luca that was very french oriented.
In the end of 2000 Mr. Poilâne visit tel aviv with his bread exhibition and I had the opportunity to meet him , he give me a compliment abut my bread and I was over whelmed from it.
In the next 9 year’s I did many thing around the bread production and I visit many bakery’s around the world, I love bread and for me this is away of life !2 days ago I come across a clip abut the Poilâne bread, I watched the clip 10 Times and now I can tall you that Poilâne bakery is the bast bakery in the world and Mr. Poilâne was the bast baker the world as ever seen.
Enjoy the clips’!!!!

the clip-Fabrication du pain Max Poilâne à LyonIn

clip 2 -Tha head baker