Lo Smeraldo Restaurant

by avnerlaskin

Ristorante Los Meraldo on youtube

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Last year I was in Modena Italy in a restaurant by the name of Lo Smeraldo.
The owner of the restaurant, Mr. Lello, is originally from Napoli and the food features napolitan flavors.

Every weekend Mr. Lello, accompanied by his wife, drives 6 hours from Modena to Napoli to obtain the freshest ingredients of the campania. At Lo Smeraldo they serve outstanding food including amazing pizza. The pizza is baked in a wood fire oven as Lello’s family has done for more then two hundred years. My children can’t forget their food, especially the pizza. They ask me all the time: when we shall visit again the amazing restaurant Lo Smeraldo?

Lo Smeraldo is Ferrari’s favorite restaurant and all of their special guests eat there. Excellent food and wonderful people are everywere to be found at Lo Smeraldo. If you find yourself in Modena, Italy you simply must go there!